President’s classmates [Odnoklassniki Presidenta] (2004)

Director Igor Shadkhan

Length: 43 minutes

The film is not accessible online.

Shadkhan got the idea for this film from Elena Sokolova, who studied in the 10G class at School 281 and graduated in 1970. The President went to the same school, but he studied in the 10V class. Sokolova provided amateur footage from her school days. Shadkhan and his team thoroughly studied them, but they never found Putin, not even randomly. So they made a film with the 51-year-old former pupils of School 281 watching the archival footage and discussing their unusual experience. Shadkhan included comments from two of Putin`s classmates. They say that the democratic spirit of School 281 and Putin’s authoritarian style are not compatible. TV Channel Russia 1 bought this film, but it has never been aired.


Shadkhan N. Rasskazhi pro menya, Igor!: Metod Shadkhana. 2020

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