Documentary film is the main object of my interest and research. Here I will present compilations of the documentaries that are related to different themes of my research.

leader and nation


history: nostalgia and memories

Science, Technology and Economics

The Land

The Orthodox Church and Faith

War and Peace

Who are the Russians?

Leader and Nation

Documentary films about Vladimir Putin Documentary films become part of the agenda whenever it comes to Vladimir Putin. Film – investigation, film – interview, film-biography, film-essay. Either pro- or anti- Putin documentary films involve often…

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Power [Vlast] (1992)

Director Igor Shadkhan,Production: TV and Radio Company “Russkoe video”Length: 45 minWhere it was shown: 1992, Saint PetersburgCharacters: Vladimir Putin Film online (a short episode): More episodes from the film. Director Shadkhan is talking about his…

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