Leader and Nation

Documentary films about Vladimir Putin

Documentary films become part of the agenda whenever it comes to Vladimir Putin. Film – investigation, film – interview, film-biography, film-essay. Either pro- or anti- Putin documentary films involve often the same personalities and commentators and use the same footage and archival photos to talk about his career and personal life. Although this list is not exhaustive, the majority of TV documentaries devoted to his personality are included. Here, I give a short description of the documentaries and a link where they can be watched (when it is available), if you have any requests or comments-or you came across any TV docs which are not mentioned below-please get in touch.

Your High Loneliness [Vashe Visokoodinochestvo] (2004)

Director Igor Shadkhan; presenter Oleg Poptsov Length: 3 episodes (40, 40, 46 min) Where it was shown: TVC Characters: Vladimir Putin Unfortunately, the film is not available online. This film is a virtual dialogue with Vladimir Putin in three episodes. There are three types of materials used in this film. First, Shadkhan reuses footage from…

President’s classmates [Odnoklassniki Presidenta] (2004)

Director Igor Shadkhan Length: 43 minutes The film is not accessible online. Shadkhan got the idea for this film from Elena Sokolova, who studied in the 10G class at School 281 and graduated in 1970. The President went to the same school, but he studied in the 10V class. Sokolova provided amateur footage from her…

Comrade President [Tovarisch President] (2004)

Director Vasily Bereza; script writer Pavel Shirov; producer Andrey Norkin, Pavel Shirov, Vasily Bereza; editors Vladimir Kara-Murza, Sergey Buneev, Alena Stepanenko, Viktor Kulganyuk, Tatiana Lobko, Aleksandr Orlov, Tatiana Adamyan Production: TV company EchoLength: 2 episodes, each 52 minutesWhere it was shown: RTVi; In Europe, USA (no details); Ukrainian TV – 5th Channel; Georgia, Lithuania, Poland,…

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